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Bbc licence free online dating

The author considers the consequences of the spread off broadband, giving consumers access to an unprecedented level of content.

He notes that since 1995 the BBC has considerably increased its numbers of radio and television channels and developed a significant web presence.

The BBC TV Licensing fee is set to be debated in Parliament in early May after a public petition passed the 100,000 signature mark.

He proposes that the BBC should be directly-funded by the government, concluding that its remit should be to produce audio-visual (including digital) news and other content which is distinct from that which the market provides, but which is important to the UK's social, political and cultural well-being.

At the time of writing it stands at 107,779 signatures.

Despite public dissatisfaction with Capita's operation of the outsourced BBC TV Licensing contract, the government maintains that it enjoys support from the majority.

The £147 licence (which will increase from £145.50 in April) is only required for people watching live TV, including streaming, or those watching BBC i Player.

From tomorrow, you could be fined up to £1,000 for watching i Player without a TV licence.

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"Throughout the Charter Review, the Government considered the question of funding the BBC's services, and decided that the licence fee system will be maintained for the coming Charter period," said the response to the petition on the Parliamentary website.