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At the time, Smith tearfully apologised for the 'one-off' incident and stood down from the team.As Hill was being escorted out the door, All Blacks players were returning to their hotel after a training session.You search the phrases “white people” and “black people” over the preceding seven Earth days. You would learn that white people are a uniquely self-loathing breed who not only openly question whether they can be trusted—they come right out and They blame themselves rather than blacks for the ceaseless black-white evolutionary conflict that white earthlings self-deprecatingly refer to as “racism.” They chide other white people for not allowing black people to constantly lecture them.They encourage double standards that claim it’s “racist” and harmful when white people wear blackface but entirely benign when black people dress in whiteface.They especially enjoy it when black people, no matter how openly resentful and hate-filled they are toward whites, piously claim that it’s impossible for blacks to be racist.OK, then, what would a curious Martian’s quick Internet search of the past week tell them about black people?Let’s also pretend that your curious, veiny, overdeveloped Martian brain, despite its better instincts, has become fascinated with those foolish simian earthling humanoids, particularly the “white people” and “black people” who inhabit what will be known for a little while longer as the United States of America.Since you are a Martian, you have no childishly naïve prejudices—nor any meticulously acquired adult postjudices—about frivolities such as “racism” or “injustice” or “equality.” You merely want to know the difference between white people and black people, and to keep it “relevant” as the teen earthlings are fond of saying, you confine your search to the prior week’s news.

Life has been unfair and oppressive for black people ever since being kidnapped from their homeland, despite the fact that by most measures of living standards such as longevity and yearly income and access to medical care, it is far better in America for them than it is back in their homeland.It is effectively an employment issue that requires investigation.'Smith appeared unphased by the scandal as he joked with All Blacks teammates including Kieran Read while training in the Sydney sunshine.The All Blacks kicked Daily Mail Australia out of a routine press conference on Thursday after we exposed explosive sex texts between their star halfback Aaron Smith and a lawyer who was not his girlfriend.They love when black people make fun of them and perpetually chide them for racism and call them “crazy“ and “jokingly“ rub racial double standards right in their faces.They even think it’s cute and adorable when self-loathing white radicals gather black kids from a dysfunctional war zone together to film a video mocking white people for their cluelessness.

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Turning the former slave master’s whip upon their own kind, they constantly flog themselves over a past when they acted in collective self-interest rather than collective self-denial, and somehow they see this as virtuous and bold rather than masochistic and pathetic.

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  2. He was also President and Chairman of The Dialogue Center, Denmark. Aagaard at the law office of then ICSA (known as American Family Foundation at the time) president, Herbert Rosedale. She has worked in a counseling capacity with former cult members for about 20 years.

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