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In the straight world, when an older man dates a younger woman, these relationships can work successfully for both concerned.

The older man might feel he has an improved “stud-like” status and the woman may feel she has established herself at a higher level.

That cozy warm space of dating your way will find you.10. You've heard it before: Trust is the basis of everything.

There was something about an older masculine man established in life, knowing his own mind and with a life plan worked out. There are many other reasons younger guys are attracted to older men.The only difference is they do it with class, sass and still get a piece of ass when it's done right!Rick Clemons, The Coming Out Coach, is a Certified Professional Coach and an expert featured on The Ricki Lake Show and on numerous other radio shows, in print and on national blogs.Rick also hosted his own radio show, The Coming Out Lounge.The gay world can be very open minded about many things.

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" stop and ask yourself "Why are you always justifying your way out of dating? Dating from the perspective of "it's all about sex" can pay off if that's how you truly feel.

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