Dating someone who smokes marijuana happy one year dating anniversary poems

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Dating someone who smokes marijuana

Q: What do you do if you see a space man while getting high?

Q: What is the difference between a Protestant woman and a Muslim woman?

" So one day a boy asked a girl can you suck my dick, and the girl replied "No I am a vegetarian, I smoke them trees." Weed Mantras Don't drink and drive. Party hardy rock and roll, Drink a fifth smoke a bowel, Pots a plant it grows in the ground If god didnt want it it wouldn't be around So all you assholes who dont get high just shut the fuck up and give it a try Roll Roll, Roll, a joint pass it down the line Take a toke hold your smoke blow your fuckin mind I was here, but now I'm not, I'm round da corner smokin' pot! One the way he bumps into a guy who is all bloody and mangled. So the croc walked through the brush and to the tree.

Always take your driver's license picture STONED, so when you get pulled over, the cop will think you always look like that. " Smoking Weed Is Fun To Do I Bet One Day You'Ll Do It Too A Bong A Blunt Maybe Even A Joint They All Get You High, Get My Point So With One Single Puff, As You Take It All In This Is Where The Fun Begins I May Be As High, As High As The Sun But Who Gives A Fuck Its Not Hurtting No One Some Say Its Bad, Like All Other Drugs But You'Ll Say Fuck It Once You Look At These Buds With These Few Last Words I Tell You My Friend Light That Blunt Up And Let The Fun Begin Stoners live and stoners die, But in the end we all get high, So, if at first you don't suceed, Fuck this world and smoke some weed. Stoner Prayer Now I pass out into sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep Grant no other stoner take My weed and bong before I wake Keep me safely in thy sight And grant no crackhead's thrill tonight And in the morning let me awake Breathing scents of wake 'n bake God protect me in my dreams and make this better than it seems Grant the time may siwftly fly When myself shall be so high In a green grass weed bed Where I long to rest my head Far away from all these scenes And the smell of bammer smoked by beans Take me back into the land Where the cops never take you out Where the weed won't burn my throat like sand; Where the scent of chronis blows Where the good Mary Jane grows; Take me back and I'll promise then Never to leave BC again Weed Bar Jokes The Party A stoner stumbles out of a party, and starts to walk home.

One day into his lecture he started talking about weed, "Used regularly," he explained,"pot can cause psychic disorientation, sterility, cancer and castration! " "Yes young man, it's sadly true," replied the professor smugly. " Bags of Weed A Jamaican walks into a bank with a 25kg bag of marijuana and hands it over to the cashier... ' The Rastafarian replies..'Me here to open a joint account' Down The Hill A stoner and drunk were walking down a hill. " The owner looks at the TV set, then looks at the stoner, and says, "I don't sell stuff to potheads." So the stoner tells the owner that he'll quit smoking pot and will come back the next week to buy the TV. Fish really inhales few puffs, says bye to the rabbit and swims away. The little lizard said hey this stuff is great but I have horrible cottonmouth. So the little lizard walk down the tree through the brush and started to drink the water. So the sex addict got locked in a room full of virgins, the alcohol addict got locked in a room full of beer, the weed addict locked in a room full of weed.

" Evils of Marijuana A certain college professor was known for getting off topic during lectures His favorite off-topic subject was "the evils of marijuana". " his best friend replied Appliance Store A stoner walks into an appliance store and asks the owner, "How much for that TV set in the window? -Just inhale few puffs, keep it in your gills for a while and you will feel awesome. The monkey call out hey little buddy come up here I got some great pot. The little lizard and the monkey smoked a great big joint. The devil made a deal with them saying I will lock you in a room with what ever you did for a 1000 years and if you get over any of your sins I will send you back to the land of the living, Earth.

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Q: What do you call someone who smokes the Forest of Feelings?

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