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However this 75% statistic is not up to date because many E-juice companies are now removing Diacetyl from their recipes.So Yes, chemicals found in some E-juice flavors have been shown to cause popcorn lung when inhaled.The term Popcorn lung is used to describe a respiratory condition called bronchiolitis obliterans.

The flavoring Diacetyl is found in more than 75% of flavored electronic cigarettes and E-Cigarette juices.

Michael Siegel, a professor in the department of community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health the level of diacetyl exposure from vaping compared with smoking differs by ‘”orders of magnitude.” Siegel who has spent 25 years in the field of tobacco control pointed out that these studies about the relation of popcorn lung and vaping don’t mention that regular cigarettes contain diacetyl, and a lot more of it.

Siegel found that “daily exposure to diacetyl from smoking is 750 times higher, on average than exposure to diacetyl from vaping”.

If you Vape you have a far lower risk of contracting popcorn lung than someone who smokes traditional cigarettes.

Also if you smoke traditional cigarettes it is very unlikely that you will ever contract popcorn lung.

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This suggests that exposure to the chemicals in e-cigarettes can be harmful to your health, and cause lung damage.

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