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Datingset od ua

I read in a movie column that Mar- lon Brando had invested 0,000 of his own money in On The Waterfront. She also gave up all soft drinks, a sacrifice which even today drives husband Tony Curtis slightly mad as he can drink them ceaselessly without any visible signs of. Having lost weight, Janet began giving away her dirndls and ruffled blouses. Marilyn Maxwell and tiger got a telegram from Osa Johnson, who hunts tigers: "Do I try to sing?

For these she substituted cottage cheese and tomato salads. Today she is always well dressed, usually in one-color outfits.

Names of characters used in semi-fictional matter are fictitious — if the name of any living person is used it is purely a coincidence' Trade mark No. ^(yugsm picked a million-dollai musical cast to tell {lie glorious story of the man whose songs won the heart of mencai WALTER PIDGEON ROSEMARY CLOONEY JANE POWELL ANN MILLER HOWARD KEEL JOSE FERRER MERLE OBERON * HELEN TRAUBEL DOE AVEDON • TAMARA TOUMANOVA • PAUL STEWART ISOBEL ELSOM • WILLIAM OLVIS • JAMES MITCHELL and Guest Stars PAUL HENREID GENE & FRED KELLY VIC DAMON E CYD CHARISSE TONY MARTIN TIP-OFF! A half dozen candid photos and a long, unbiased look in the mirror soon proved to her that she had swung the pendulum too hard and too far.

The publishers accept no responsibility for the return of unsolicited material. The teaming of Bing and Danny for the first time will warm you all inside . K 4 Color ly TECHNICOLOR ROSEMARY I00NEY VERA ELLEN •ducedby ROBERT EMMETT DOLAN - Directed by MICH A EL CURTIZ I ASM A, NORMAN PANAMA and MELVIN FRANK.- A Paramount Picture PERIODIC PAIN Don't let the calendar make a slave of you, Betty! 1 anet is an open-minded and intelligent , young woman.

Midol brings faster relief from menstrual pain -it relieves cramps, eases head- ache and chases the "blues." "WHAT WOMEN WANT TO KNOW" ^ a 24-page book explaining menstruation is yours, FREE. A few years ago, however, not long after she had married Tony, Janet, for reasons known only to herself, suddenly began to go to extremes. Simultaneously she be- gan buying some pretty daring clothes.

Janet developed into one of Hollywood's foremost beauties. She let one hair-stylist cut off her long bob and lighten her naturally honey-blonde to a startling platinum.

You'll soon discover how effective, when your friends say. u In the words of one MGM makeup man, "Janet was a sweet kid but she was too much of muchness." Tt took time, of course, but honest, ob- jective self-appraisal and learning a few basic makeup skills gradually brought out Janet's true loveliness. A deep Pond's Cold Cream- ing dislodges stubborn, Water-re- sistantdirt. This easy, comfortable all-in-one assures a beautifully molded, natural look with bosom uplift. Another favorite luxury, the intricately designed hand mirror, is by American Beauty. "But after each washing, 're-balance' your skin instantly. ." 60 times faster than Nature A quick Pond's Cold Creaming right after washing "re-balances" your skin in one minute — at least 60 times faster than Nature . A deep clearing at bedtime Besides instant "re-balancings" after each washing, most skins need a thorough clearing every night. Denise's holiday movie is the Hecht-Lancaster production Vera Cruz co-starring Burt Lancaster and Gary Cooper— released by U. Engstead modern screen fashions ■ Dramatize your holiday frocks- wear them over Lovable's glamorous Dance Time. The high-fashion six-strand pearl necklace is by Duchess. She brushed her hair back over her face in- stead of letting it droop. The most interesting letters will appear in this column. Stop horning in." Mike Connolly in The Hollywood Reporter She calmed down her hairdo.

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and Canada $2.00 one year,- $3.50 two years,- $5.00 three years; Foreign, $3.00 a year. She is gaining weight with a doctor- recommended diet re-enforced by frequent milkshakes.