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Email id of girls to chat sex

The 4-12 hour rule states that you must touch lip to lip with this girl within 4-12 hours of hanging which means if you chat with her on aim for 1 hour that is one our, if you go to lunch for 3 hours you are at 4. To introduce your self to the group simple do the first tip, like ask "Where is the other mall" if there is one, or "I'm new here do you know where the coolest spot to hangout is like a bar or club?If you don't kiss her within this time frame you are in the friend zone and its for pretty much forever. " When they explain to you how or respond in general, find something to take the conversation to another.Definitely not the brightest advice I've heard and "friend zone" is not for ever, you can totally hit if off later after you know each other a bit longer. If you have enough money to be getting the most beautiful girls in the country, then perhaps you should try getting into an actual relationship, rather than paying for sex; which is a tad bit distasteful.Yes, Neal Strauss and Mystery (another dating guru) both have full (college like) courses on meeting women (look up the Mystery Method).This is a matter of the heart, we girls are not objects to pick up. When the girls get a hold of that number its like a kid with a new toy because once they get the new toy they wanna try it out and see what all it can do! I do these few starters and end'ers and EVERY time so far it has worked!

You can talk to her and make dates which can be done by simply emailing her, "Want to go for lunch on Sunday". Me Chat I read alot of the comments, and there all great but here is what I do and how it works for me.

I can't stress enough that you need to be confident, even a tad cocky. One is that you ask her for it but like this, "Did you want to kiss me? There is no set amount of time for when you should kiss. If you lose the conversation just go "nice talking to you, later!

" and if she says no say, "Oh you were acting like you wanted me to." and drop it. And if there is no love, a thousand kisses cannot help. " and walk away, walk around a bit if you see her and she notices you and responds to your presence in anyway, your good, go for it, if not just let it be.

I'm 5'3 and that is short for a guy but what do I do? No i am dead serious i have no clue...i think i have heard of it. if its not i am not being cute i seriously dont know anything other than tht movie...i saw it once when i was like 8You are the exception, not the rule.

Any advice would be appreciated but I've tried a lot. Today you can meet a lot of beautiful women online. If you are interested to learn some tips and tricks on how to seduce amazing girls online, you should check out Facebook Sex tips in this amazing guide by clicking here ---Not my Instructable, but we are talking about WOMEN here, not girls. The women I have known think you aren't interested enough or are weak if you don't make a move in this time period.

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