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So, I downloaded Tinder as a way to invite people (any gender or sexual preferences) to join me and help me to accomplish my missions. Thus, mobile social media it is so powerful, that you have no clue about it.After this, I decided to write my master thesis about Tinder. And that it is why I love Tinder and I’m researching it. Talk to me on So Me: I became happy when a local told me about the Peace March and I went to check out.Tomas was once again able to work at a distance, which was not a problem for me, since I was on the base of home office. I repeat: I love Brazil, I want to go back to live there, but im shocked at the lack of security, especially in the cities I lived. The thousand differences between Norway and Brazil are also listed reasons why I think what im doing here.Were almost 3 months in Brazil, from the heat, enjoying a lot and finally missing Norway. Whenever someone tells me they “hate Brazil” , ” a lot of corruption ” , ” shitty country ” and among a thousand other things , i always ask : what are you still doing there? Ive been trying my best to understand that people here are not like the ones Iim used to.Of course, I can not generalise how is the use there, but all people I match we had direct talks, straight to the hookup point. Since 2002 the museum’s offices have been located in Tøihuset in the Old Town; the historical civic exhibition is also housed here. Today, at the same day last year, me and my mom arrived at this cold city. I always liked to travel and have ran very , saw the way to Norway as a learning and course changes that can be good or not .Good for whom were looking for easy sex, not my case at all. I began to feel on my skin which is an immigrant when i entered in my visa papers.

I will not even talk about the family, its obvious. The way people portrait themselves, the self-presentation behind the lines and pictures.God, I want to know more about people, get into their minds through their Tinder’ profiles. Living here in Oslo for almost 4 years showed me how hard it is to get to know people, make friends, or simply sit and share a beer.I am particularly interested in New Medias/ Technologies, so I decided to research about how mobile applications/media combined with Social Media affect our lives, in a communication perspective, making a case study of Tinder. Every Wednesday since 2001, the local Jan-Kåre Fjeld, his friends and who wants to join, go for a Peace March in downtown Fredrikstad.In the age of mobile media, social interactions prioritise proximity and depend on our material engagement with the world. It starts at 18h in front of City Hall and lasts for one hour.

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