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Examples of workplace dating policies

Employers have legitimate business interests in learning about such matters, since an employer may be sued for negligently hiring or negligently retaining an employee who is, for example, violent.In addition, many crimes would be indicative of possible safety and security concerns, such as crimes involving theft, dishonesty, or drugs." However, since 1999 Tennessee's unemployment compensation statutes have provided that failing a drug test, or refusing to participate in a drug test, conducted under Tennessee's Drug Free Workplace Program is deemed work-related misconduct, disqualifying the applicant from unemployment compensation benefits. Frequently when an employer disputes the legitimacy of a workers' compensation claim, the employer or its insurer hires a private investigator to watch the employee perform daily activities.Generally speaking, such surveillance will be permissible to the extent it involves watching the employee's activities while he is in a place where he can be seen by other members of the general public.There are no reported Tennessee decision applying this statute in the context of terminations for off-duty smoking, but undoubtedly proof that a termination was solely motivated by use of tobacco products would be a significant burden for an employee to overcome.In addition, the statute provides that if an employee makes a baseless and frivolous claim, he or she may be required to pay the employer's attorneys' fees.

For example, if an employee in a protected class (e.g., racial or ethnic minorities, or religious minorities) was fired for off-duty conduct, yet other employees outside the protected class were not fired for similar conduct, then in spite of the employer's legitimate interests, this could be viewed as evidence of unlawful discrimination. Drug testing has the potential to reveal an employee's use of drugs outside of work hours.In the private sector, such employer "intrusions" may be subject to challenge under civil rights legislation, or possibly under collective bargaining agreements setting certain industry standards.Employees' off-duty conduct and choices become employment issues whenever employment decisions are based upon them, rightly or wrongly. Traditionally, under the common law employers have had wide discretion to set whatever conditions they desire concerning jobs and the workplace.After all, employer-employee law was once known as "master-servant" law.

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Otherwise, smoking is not a "disability" under discrimination laws, and there are no other restrictions regarding an employer's smoking policies and practices.

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