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(beginner)Unless you plan on sleeping on the streets during your trip to Turkey (hey, might be fun), the hotel check-in is unavoidable.Don't worry about finding a clandestine alley just yet - we're here to help. You know, the kind you can't wait to tell all your Turkish friends about the next day?Before recounting your epic story, you better brush up on your past tense.(beginner)When starting to learn a language, it's inevitable that you're not going to understand most of what people say to you.In today's lesson, we tell you exactly what to say to get where you want to go.(noobie)We here at Turkish Tea Time believe everyone is born with the gift of dance.

(advanced)Whether or not you are trying to convince your friend to come out with you, or you're the party pooper trying to get your friends off your case, you'll need the present conditional to do some convincing. You should have known riding your bike down those stairs was a bad idea.

Now you're in a foreign country and have a broken tooth.

Don't worry - we're here to help you schedule that much-needed appointment with the dentist.

Join us at Turkish Tea Time ( as we chat about the Turkish language, its grammar, and how it's spoken in everyday life. Today, we're looking at some common transition words as.İstanbul Taksim’de bulunan İstiklal Caddesi eylemler, politik propaganda ve aktivist kültürün yuvası adeta.

We're Turkish learners, Turkish teachers, and Turkish people ourselves - so we understand what it takes to get a grip on this amazing language. Bugün, orada bulduğumuz ve Türkiye Komünist Partisi’ne ait el ilanında yazılanlara bakacağız.

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  1. He added many important features, such as city gates and a masonry fort, built in 1037–1040 on the ruins of the previous one, which had been demolished in the fighting (as recorded by Munshi Sujan Rae Bhandari, author of the Khulasatut Tawarikh in 1695–96).