Hamburg singles party

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Hamburg singles party

BN publish a guidance to the law, that folds down and be carried with you available to download; Annual General Meeting A. The weather is always a talking point with us Naturists, but this late summer bank holiday weekend was truly exceptional. During the past year I have personally spoken to many members who have stated that they are grateful to the S. To those who have become members of landed clubs through the S. We would also like to express our gratitude to the landed clubs who support us and have supported us over many years. is also in their interests as they have gained many good members over the years as a result of the S. Everyone should be aware that our membership numbers have been declining steadily for a number of years, we are not unique in that situation. I am sure that other people will have ideas or would wish to add to the above. Negotiator’s will be appointed from the Management Committee to meet with BN and Suntreckers to report back the results for decision by the Membership at the 2018 A. Under the Constitution the Management Committee has the following responsibilities. – To take responsibility for the financial viability of the Club.

It was in 1965 that the bank holiday began as an experiment; it was made an official holiday in 1971. The Management Committee would like to start by thanking everyone for their continued support for our club we hope that we now have a stable core of members who want to see the continued survival of the S. To all landed clubs we would like them to keep in mind that the survival of the S. The Management Committee have discussed the following options for resolution at the 2018 A. If so please contact the Management Committee as soon as possible. Now that the web site is being renovated and we have started to organise our Twitter and Facebook accounts, we need to move to the next stage. to determine these policies it does have a duty to inform the membership.

2017 gave us not only the hottest ever but also the driest. We need to allocate around £1500 of club funds in 2018 to mount an effective campaign.The Singles Outdoor Club (SOC) was founded in 1981 as a countrywide naturist club primarily for single people, although couples and families are welcome as members.Those with ‘protected characteristics’ are especially welcome.Mike Willacy has agreed to start a page on our web site to give forestry advice and tips together with a question and answer forum with wider environmental information and opinion on the world of plants trees and forestry matters.Roger Munroe has agreed to present a page on meditation and spiritual matters.

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They join Amelia Allen and Emma James who both have pages on our web site. As for myself I am very grateful to everyone who supported me in my election to President of our Club for the next two years.

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