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But after hearing her speak softly during a recent chat, Olivia Jean sounds nothing like the mistress of the macabre who's behind .

Maybe a dose of black magic humor is the dark secret to her original tunes such as "Merry Widow" and "Deadly Hex," two of the 11 the singing multi-instrumentalist wrote and cranked out for one of the most funtastic albums of the year.

Here’s hoping they step out of the shadow of their wide-brimmed hats and into the light where we can see them for real.

One of rock's freshest faces put an eerie title on her solo debut album that was released two weeks before Halloween.

But this driven young woman -- whose punkabilly style goes well with the retro tunes in her hip pocket and a cool wardrobe in her closet -- is pushing herself to deliver the goods, maybe even harder than Rudolph guides his fellow reindeer on Christmas Eve.

Many moons, a couple of buzz-generating singles and a Stephen Colbert endorsement later, we finally have answers to at least some of those queries.

Unfortunately, The Black Belles brings a little more manufactured gloom and doom than bargained for.

But for a budding musician, the most valuable presents came around the age of 7.

For her birthday, Olivia Jean received "a no-name electric guitar" from "a little music store right down my street" called Full Score Music.

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As such, most of the songs are easy to dismiss in the same way you would a novelty tune like “The Monster Mash”, or a well-meaning Misfits tribute band.

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