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It’s no wonder the One Tree Hill star, who is six years her senior, managed to schmooze his way into the bosom of the Hewson family – and into their private box at Leopardstown this week.For even those he has crossed in love hardly have a bad word to say about him.He was keen on acting and performing in front of audiences from his childhood.Because of his qualities, he got a chance to play an act in his school play.

It seems he had hitherto been successful at keeping the dalliance under wraps, for reasons best known to himself.He started dating Sophia Bush from 2008 during the shoot of his TV series.Before their relationship, Sophia was married to another One Tree Hill co-star Chad Michael Murray.Even one of his cast-mates on One Tree Hill, whose ex-wife hooked up with Lafferty, says: ‘James and I are friends.We’re a tight little group.’ And last night, even the mother of another ex of his gushed that he was ‘an amazing young man’.

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