Late dating the book of revelation using online dating

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Late dating the book of revelation

At the same time, if the works of Tacitus are found referred to in other documents, this may be taken as evidence for the date of Tacitus' works, in accordance with the dates of the works quoted.(Absence of such quotes would not necessarily prove a later date, but it would add suspicions if other reasons to be suspicious were present.) The latter factor, reference by other writers, is of no issue here, for all would agree that Revelation was written prior to the earliest patristic quotes of it. A range of suggestions have been made (even one as early as Claudius, 40 AD) but most favor one of two dates: In or near the reign of Nero (54-68) or that of Domitian (81-96).If the referent is the "him" then the passage makes sense: If giving the name was needed, John would have done so; and he also lived after the time of the book and had plenty of chances to explain himself, and the explanation would have been preserved for us had he given it.If the referent is the vision itself, Irenaeus' comments are senseless.Domitian was not a nice fellow, to be sure, but to call him a "tyrant" would be to waste the word needlessly when there is someone else who deserved it better.

He committed acts of perversion and atrocity so nasty that we won't be printing them here. " On the latter, it's not so clear that Domitian was out for Christians as he was out for anyone who bothered him, which sometimes happened to be Christians near him -- there is no evidence of a general persecution across the board.The answer to this question makes or breaks an interpretation of Revelation for preterist purposes.If written in Nero's reign, we are able to at least have some basis to begin an understanding that Revelation was mostly or to some extent fulfilled in the 70 destruction of Jerusalem (as the Olivet Discourse was).What Irenaeus seems to be indicating is that John was still making public appearances until the time of Domitian, but withdrew from public discourse (due to his advanced age, no doubt) and then lived until sometime in Trajan's reign.At the very least Irenaeus's evidence is ambiguous and open to interpretation.

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Domitian's favorite activities were recreational sex, throwing dice, taking walks, and stabbing flies with a pen (which he spent hours doing at the beginning of his reign).

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