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Musicians song writers on line dating

The line that caused the shift is found in the Office for the feast of St.Cecilia: “cantantibus organis illa in corde suo sui domino decantabat.” While the instruments were playing, she [Cecilia] would sing to her Lord in her heart.The song has been used in various media, as well as serving the official anthem for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

She also works with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and was an ambassador for Live Below the Line, a call to end world poverty.The scene describes Cecilia’s wedding banquet: while the musicians played bawdy songs, Cecilia sang in her heart hymns to Christ, her heavenly bridegroom.Apparently readers in the 14th century read cantantibus organis as “the organ was playing” and interpreted the rest of the phrase to mean that Cecilia herself was the organist. She had made a vow to remain a virgin, but her parents insisted that Cecilia marry.The image of a beautiful young woman seated at a pipe organ singing sweetly to God captured the popular imagination of the faithful in a way that St. Although they were Christians, they chose a pagan named Valerian as Cecilia’s husband.On the wedding night Cecilia explained to Valerian that she had promised God to remain a virgin, that she had been forced into marriage.

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She then moved to New York City's Greenwich Village performing in a Prince and Sly and the Family Stone cover band called Dayz of Wild.

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