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You want to use the latter, and you want to select the NIST NTP server.Using Windows 10 Settings app You can also use the command line to update the system time.

The 1500 series DVRs are able to automatically adjust the date and time if they have a connection to the internet or to a local time server if you are operating one. We recommend that you use your router's IP address as the primary and the Google public DNS as the secondary (fallback).

I don't know which server works the best (NIST has several of them).

But you can easily find that out because the address for one of them comes as an optional preset in Windows since at least Windows XP.

Some countries have their own atomic clocks and NTP servers. Sure, if you sync the clock very often over the Internet you can keep up the appearance as if your clock is accurate. If so, you may have a dead or weak BIOS battery in which case you may need to replace [email protected] I also want to add in that I have seen a very strange behavior on at least one of my computers that's running Windows 10, that is related to time and the clock.

But honestly, when it comes to time syncs over the Internet, it has always worked best with the NIST NTP servers. But ultimately, sync cannot help you with any motherboard or battery related issues you may have with the computer. As I am a multi-booter I often switch between operating systems back and forth, and I have noticed that my clock is set incorrectly in Windows 10 somtimes when I log onto Windows after leaving a Linux based OS.

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Hello, I have a 2900 series router that isn't slaving properly to an NTP server (Cisco 3945).