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As a result of the dearth of hard facts, whether historical or anthropobiological, its origin is a moot point.Besides, in ours days, such data is not easily studied in such a way as to permit valid conclusions.On account of this, hybridization was notably easier, whilst in India it was only possible among inferior castes, and in the China of the Mandarins even more difficult, since China pertained to a culture based on a domestic ethic, strictly formalized, that hailed from a two millennia history and more.A model for explaining the formation of Luso-Tropical Macanese society cannot be sought in the Brazilian phenomenon, even though the form taken by Pacific penetration, dependent on slave labor, could to a degree allow for comparison.We lived among many Macanese for fifteen years, and studied historical sources and reports of travelers; we consulted what rare and inconclusive anthropobiological studies were available, and paramountly, we drew on the Arquivos Paroquiais and traced the family trees of twenty long-standing Macanese families.On the basis of a comparative analysis of all this data, we defend the following opinion: it is Eurasian women who would have been for the most part the mothers of the Macanese, offspring of the first stable families based in Macao.In India as well as China, the Portuguese civilizing and integrating penetration of the autochthonous populations took a different form from that in Africa.

Our thesis, however, is somewhat different from the theses outlined above.

One of the most representative of the Macanese traditional society.

Left to right: Frederico, 'Henriquinho' Júnior, João, Margarida (mother), Amália, Henrique (father), 'Guida' and António. Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa (Geographical Society), Lisbon.

Fernão Mendes Pinto13there also lived in Chincheo as many as six-hundred men with good houses, families and slaves.

What was the destiny of daughters born of these marriages?

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However, no author to this day has dealt with the uncharted fortunes of the daughters of these unions.