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One on one sex chat without signup

Stephanie said no, but was curious about the experience. She said that I was one of the most attractive girls on campus and that I was major competition for the guys we both found hunky.Since she wasn't shocked, I surprised myself by asking her if she would like to try it sometime for real. Then she said that if she was going to, it would have to be with me. I said that my roommate left in the afternoon to visit her family and I would be home alone in my off-campus apartment.This story is real and happened to me about five years ago.I was on campus at a large college in New Jersey when I happened to run into Stephanie, who I had known a little before since we had some common friends.We weren't close at all, but we were about to get much closer than either of us had ever planned. She also hoped to be a teacher, wanting to teach English in high school, while I preferred to deal with younger children, maybe 2nd graders. While I am not a big girl, since I am 5-4 and weigh 125 pounds, with a slender shape and am not big up top at 34B, Stephanie is smaller. Her breasts were smaller too, but she was in very good shape with a thin waist and nicely flaired hips.One of the common friends we had was a former boyfriend of mine named Alec. In contrast to my long, straight (well a curl or two in there) blonde hair, Stephanie had dark brown hair which she wore fairly short above her shoulders with some curls.

I gave her a quick tour of the apartment with our living area which included the kitchen downstairs and two bedrooms and a bath upstairs.

I told her that I thought she looked very nervous and then admitted I was too.

It was funny but I was more nervous that night than I ever am with a new guy.

I joined her on the couch and we began to chat about life and our boyfriends.

I complimented her about her outfit and she did the same saying I always looked hot.

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After the upstairs tour, Stephanie sat on the couch behind our coffee table while I got the cheese and crackers, napkin, and a corkscrew.