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Regarding "Screw Metric anything", it's just this kind of statement which leads the civilised world to believe that Yanks will only give up feet and inches when they're prised from their cold, dead hands.That's not actually true, as self-declared 'Merkin David Green demonstrated: I have no idea what we Americans' resistance to the metric system is about. I can't believe that even NASA still hasn't made the switch. My brother-in-law's father is an American physics teacher, he was very clear on the subject when I asked him, he words were along the lines of: "The metric system is the only sensible way forward, any engineering or physics which uses the imperial system is a nightmare.As far as Fahrenheit versus Centigrade/Celcius, I prefer Fahrenheit and all imperial style (Americanized) measurements.

Compulsory resits until they agree to go on telly to say how much easier SI is."I want them to grow up in a world they're free to make choices when it comes to their health and their bodies and who they love.I want them to feel they can be who they want to be, no matter who that is."Reporter Audrey Roberts will have a report on the event tonight on News Channel 21 at Six.: , : 2010: Inzest, Hardcore, Old and Young, MILF, All Sex : -. - A crowd estimated at up to 5,000 people gathered, marched and rallied in downtown Bend Saturday, chanting and carrying signs in protest of and opposition to new President Donald Trump’s policies, proposals and campaign statements they consider offensive to women and others.

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Seems like any time anyone posts here with any Americanized spelling, topic, unit of measurement, etc.

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