Updating an 80s kitchen russian roulette dating

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Updating an 80s kitchen

In place of the former breakfast nook, Caitlin has put in a freestanding island from IKEA to give more counter space and offer some additional open shelving.They also removed the pantry door to make things more easily accessible.Van Slyke says that two years later, the floors are still holding up nicely.For the missing pantry doors, she decided to DIY her own which not only add a unique look to the space, but also saved a bunch of money.Catilin also tried a combination of blue and tan walls, but didn't love it in the end, so decided to go with a fresh spring green instead.

“It immediately lightened and modernized the space,” she told TODAY Home.But Van Slyke’s favorite new feature in the kitchen?The cone light pendants she made for less each (the cheapest ones she could find in store were about 0 per fixture.) Using a lampshade, pendant light kit and Portfolio 2-Pack Antique Brass Lamp Pipes, she was able to create stunning statement fixtures.“While I don't have the countertops of my dreams, we were able to save thousands of dollars by working with what we were given.” Another way they saved money was by keeping the original tile floors but updating them with a special grout paint.It cleaned them up a bit, covering up the yellow-brown tint that had developed through the years.

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I actually get quite a bit of use out of my magnetic spice board. I wish I had done them like this way back when I first installed them.

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