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During the shooting of Victorious, she made many recordings of herself singing songs by talents like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Adele and Britney Spears.When the first seasons of Victorious wrapped up, she uploaded her videos on You Tube.When she shot for Victorious (2010), she began to work on her vocals.She also trained under a voice coach called Eric Vetro.She arrived in Los Angeles and met managers, expressing interest to record an R&B album when she was only 14.Of course, they didn’t take her seriously but she kept pursuing her passion.She was a part of the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theater, her very first role was that of Annie.She has also acted in shows like Beauty and the Beast and Wizard of Oz.

Soon, Grande was on her way to release her first studio album called ‘Yours Truly’ in 2013 which peaked at number 1 position in US Billboard 200.

Her singles ‘Love Me Harder’ , ‘Bang Bang’, ‘Problem’ and ‘Break Free’ from her album ‘My Everything’ (2014) were chartbusters.

In March 2016, Ariana Grande released a single ‘Dangerous Woman’ from the album of the same name, which debuted at Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

She played the character of ‘Cat Valentine’ for the show aired on Nickelodeon.

It was this show where she sang the ‘Victorious’ soundtrack making an appearance on record.

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When she was 8, she sang a Karaoke song in a luxury cruise liner.