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Click here for more information Call for participants. Queers, Crips and (Other) Misfits off the edge of the map’. 'The image of the monster has been historically used to epitomise danger, abnormality, sin.

Even before angels, monsters were portrayed as messengers who anticipated catastrophes, such as storms and other dramatic events which would be too strong to be explained.

Religious and philosophical beliefs strongly influence approaches to women's reproductive rights around the globe.

Where liberal approaches see women's rights, religions often see the domain of their traditional control.

The core of many Christian beliefs, including both Catholic and Evangelical, focuses on the role of God in the process of human creation.

These diverse beliefs lead to what Nisbet describes as 'competition for worldviews' [8] among religious populations.

Only good behaviour, submission to rules or faith into another inexplicable bigger entity, such as magic, witchcraft or religion, could prevent societies to be touched by monsters.

The othering of monsters – or monsters as estranged from an imagined “us” – is part of the cultural narrative that dismisses the complexity of what we call humans, contributing to the binary division between good and bad, silencing all of which exists in-between…

Furthermore it engages in critique of the multiple discursive strategies employed by religiously motivated politicians in their struggle for 'proper reproduction', and lastly it emphasises the potential for otherising infertile women and couples as those whose bodies and desires to have children need to give way to a uniform rather than pluralistic conception of religion and nation.

Edwards for the development of in vitro fertilisation.

At nearly the same time, on 22 October 2010, the Polish Parliament held a heated debate on a proposed legislative ban on the IVF procedure and the question of its morality and compatibility with 'natural law'.

It focuses on the notion of 'politicised religion' in order to understand the position of the Church in Poland as a semi-political organisation and its impact on processes of democratic deliberation.

The objectives of the article are not to criticise the Church's stance on the matter of IVF or to argue in favour of IVF as a form of advancing female liberty.

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The intention is rather to bring to light the unfortunate results of the intransigent opposition of the Church to any proposals aimed at achieving legislation best reflecting social consensus on the matter.

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